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Tips for Perfect Office Makeup

Want to shine at work? Moving to a better position without letting your makeup hold you back?

Tip 1- Job Interview

If you are going to a job interview you want to show them who you really are. Do not wear red lipstick, dark eyes or strong makeup. You need to show them your true features and avoid letting the employer thinking you have parties or events after the interview. He will have the wrong image from you as you need to be serious and focus on your interview only.

Simple, easy and quick Makeup to be successful at work.

Tip 2- Makeup Style and colours

You are rushing to work and need to look good. Keep it simple and easy

Prep your skin.

The biggest beauty hack out there? If you’re taking care of your skin regularly, you won’t feel the need to cake on as much makeup. No matter how crunched for time you are, make a pact with yourself to clean and moisturize your face. Even if that’s all you have time for DO IT, and remember you are amazing just the way you are.

Keep it simple.

If you have more than a minute to spare, try a tinted moisturizer or a light CC cream and don’t forget a little concealer under your eyes..

Frame your face.

By minute three, you should be moving onto your brows, the key to framing that beautiful face of yours. If yours are a little sparse, grab a brow pencil or powder and fill them in with one pass (today’s not the day to embrace your inner artist). Then, set them with a brow gel so they’ll last throughout the day.

Define a feature.

With two minutes to go, break out your weapon of choice and quickly enhance your favorite feature. To play up your eyes, smudge a little eyeliner onto your top lash line (unless you are a liquid liner pro, never attempt a winged tip when you’re in a real rush. You will mess it up.) For defined cheekbones, blend a bit of bronzer just underneath them. Or, for your lips, swipe on your favorite bold shade. No one will believe you were a mess this morning if you have lipstick on.

Add a little glow.

Finally, finish with a little highlighter in a few strategic places. No need to use a brush here either; smooth some under your brows and dab a concentrated amount on the inner corner of your eyes with your fingertips. Using the length of your middle or index finger (which will provide a lighter touch than your pointer) sweep some on top of your cheekbones. In just five minutes, you’ll look radiant, feel great, and be ready for crushing it at work and (maybe) toppling the patriarchy.

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