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COVID-19 working from home Avessa style and ideas

Let’s be honest, working from home is great but who is now bored because of the lock down?

It is that feeling of wanting to do something you can’t, like going out, seeing your workmates or physical contact with people.

It is like they say, to much of “working from home” makes us crazy.

From our experience, We think “staying home” is easy for men, as they are easily entertained with stupid things like video games or beer with friends “on a video, call” haha

While we spend our time on Tik Tok, Instagram, and eating chocolate. Do you agree?

To entertain you We have created this content so you can see we are all in the same page:

1/ Meditate in the morning, youtube has a tan of meditation guides that will help you keep your insanity. I personally like the visualization ones where you can ask for what you want and visualize you already have it. eg: That new home or a white Mercedez haha Anyways meditation is gold and you will feel instant happiness, plus starting your day much better.

I would recommend an app called calm, they are great.

2/ Have lime and water after your meditation, these will help you clean your body and toxins and for starting a new day full of energy.

3/ If you feel like going for a walk around the block, start with 15min, and then increase every day. Breathing some fresh air is great.

NOW IF YOU ARE WORKING FROM HOME and have online meetings below we have some great ideas of outfits for the day. They are easy and simple to match and give you a great style when the webcam is on hehe

I don’t need to say how cute this top is, just see the picture and love it. Comfortable and easy to match this will be popular among everyone is watching you 🙂

Black Blazer (MUST HAVE PIECE)

Blazers are super easy to mix and match, you can wear it on top of normal tops, cute tops, or/and PJs (Why not)? This is a great option for you to have in your wardrobe.

Finish the meeting in style and then leave it in your chair for the next one haha easy huh?

Stunning blazer available at www.avessa.com.au. Beautiful and amazing quality (black with gold button details) this is the best option of blazer out there.

Long fashionable Blazer

Now if you love style like we do, then you will not go for the traditional pieces, but for the chic vintage style that is super trending now.

Long blazer can be worn with skirts, pants or dresses. They can also be worn with shorts and belts.

This is the favorite piece among hundreds of customers. You will not regret having this in your wardrobe.

https://www.avessa.com.au/Of course I could be here all day showing you amazing pieces, but the busy life doesn’t let me, anyways check our website and find amazing promotions and items you will love for this new season.

Don’t worry about shoes for matching the outfit, for now, pick your best and funniest slippers and have fun.

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  1. People have different ways of coping up with a situation. Most of us are under lockdown, whether imposed by our leaders or it’s our own will to lock down ourselves to remain safe from the virus. As I observe with most of the people like me who are working at home, it is much easier to work from home, aside from a fact that there’s no transportation expense every day. We can work at the same time, be comfortable doing anything at our house. I am totally loving it. I can now work and be with my family. And whenever I miss dressing up, I gladly do it even if I will only stay inside.

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